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Loving You 2
Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Loving You, No Matter What

Why do many of us continue to be our own worst enemies?  Why are we the causes of our own demise? 

Why do we allow others to tear us down rather than aiding in building us up?  Much of this is attributed to the fact that we have not learned the art of truly loving ourselves.

If we take the time to learn our likes, dislikes, ways to cope, and ways to lift our own spirits, then and only then will we gain the ingredients for a better love of ourselves!  It is through the love of ourselves that we gain true appreciation that allows others to love and appreciate us even more. This is the ultimate rise in self-esteem.

Loving yourself starts with putting a stop to hateful thoughts, extreme criticism, refusal to take care of yourself and accepting the bare minimum from friends, associates, and even romantic relationships.

Loving you is beginning the process of appreciating the attributes you have to offer and not placing so much stock in what others have to say about you.

Truly loving yourself starts one day at a time. (Tweet this)

No one will EVER be able to offer you the love and care you should have for yourself.

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