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Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

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Self-care often goes to the back burner throughout the year, but add in the holidays, and you might have a recipe for disaster…literally.  I’m totally on top of my to-do list, but with everything that’s happening all-around at year’s end, it can make it harder to prioritize what I “need” to do, versus what can wait, or be removed from my list altogether.

During any given week you can find me confident in the classroom as a professor to my students, providing vital services as a psychologist, diligently directing an on-campus clinic, blogging, vlogging, and traveling.  During the holidays, my roles as family, friends, sister daughter, and more, have an even greater highlight! I get dizzy thinking about it all! And I’m sure many of you can relate.  

I commend those of you who truly do dedicate yourself to the day to day hustle across the board.  As we all know, it gets no easier with the holidays quickly approaching, but there are some key tips to take care of yourself mentally and physically! Let’s come out rested and rejuvenated instead of busted and disgusted this year!

1. First, take a breather and time to yourself! Starting this practice first thing in the morning sets a positive tone for the rest of your day.  In the morning, I make sure I take a few slow, deep breaths.  I take time to close my eyes, think about my day, and put it into perspective.  I also take a little time to work out at least 30 minutes each morning during the holidays to limit stress and overall worry.  Also, it may help to step away and “get lost” for a few moments when you get overwhelmed with the presence of visitors, friends and family. Don’t worry, the world won’t fall apart while you step away.

2. Make yourself a holiday self-care basket.  This doesn’t need to be over the top, but it should totally offer you some quick solutions to small problems and quick relief from stress.  I like to include scented items, like essential oils, candles, and soft sprays.  I love to keep my journal there, a book I love to read (or want to read), my favorite blanket, and nail polishes.  I also like to make sure my health is at the forefront.  I can’t keep up with the holiday spirit and even self-care if I don’t feel my best!  So, I include much in my basket, like cough drops, tea and also my Robitussin DM Maximum Strength Cough and Chest who I am happy to have partnered with, to bring you all today’s post!  Robitussin DM helps to control my cough, relieves my congestion and it’s a non-drowsy formula, so I don’t miss a beat! 

3. Next, move around and eat well!  During the holidays, it seems great to eat, watch movies, give and get gifts, and repeat.  However, you won’t be feeling so great about being completely out of touch with your schedule and possibly your waistline.  Make an effort to move around, besides 30 minutes of morning exercise, try to keep some elements of your schedule, even on off days.  Wake up around your normal time, engage in activities you have always enjoyed and take short walks after meals.  Allow yourself some fun food, but don’t forget not to overdo it.  Stick with your normal regimen and move away from the temptation to overeat.  Moving around can be an energy booster that can help keep you from entering into a slump.

4. Yes, do nice things for others, but don’t forget about yourself!  During the holidays (and the rest of the year for that matter), it’s easy to forget about yourself and your needs.  Remember to be kind by having a list of things you want to do for others and get a list of the nice things you need to do for yourself.  Make sure that as you mark off the things you are doing for others, you also do those things that help you look and feel better overall.  For example, list out the gifts you plan to buy, but add in the massage you REALLY need to get as well.  You will be much better for it!

Overall, this is the time for you to have some positive reflections of your year, spend time with the ones you love most and get some relaxation as well! Remember, that it’s okay to put yourself first and give yourself the best so you can be the best for others.  An important part of your regimen at this time is taking care of yourself, with the aid of great things like the Robitussin DM Maximum Strength Cough and Chest Congestion!  Check it out now at

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2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays”

  1. Thanks soooo much for these tips. They are timeless and will help keep our mind, body and spirit together during the holidays. 😊

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