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Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Retreat From Self-Defeat

Often on our daily grinds, we allow daily hassles including people, work and relatives (to name a few) to steal our joy and remain content with only “getting through the day.” Well, for me, those days have BEEN over!

It is now time to place our focus on remaining positive, paying attention to the things and people that make us happy. We have to look on the brighter side, stop allowing ourselves to remain in a slump and take time out to simply BREATHE.

In many situations we begin to understand ourselves, the good and the bad, those things that trigger our unhappiness, and on the other hand those wonderful things that restore our faith in having many blissful, enjoyable and happy days!  Be overjoyed that you have been blessed with another day, hour, minute and second to experience life and all that it has to offer.

Be happy that you are able to communicate with the ones you love, work daily at your job, go to school, tackle and accomplish the many goals you may have.
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We defeat ourselves with pessimistic attitudes, hurtful words and negative thoughts.  Though there will be some hard days, remember that trouble doesn’t and can’t last always! BOOM!

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