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You’ve been scouring the internet looking for “answers” on health, mindset, career, and relationships.


My monthly membership program is for women who are looking to level up their mental, spiritual, educational, career path and emotional health with monthly live sessions and courses.

Monthly live webinars with me and the member community

Courses waiting on you inside my private members-only portal

Private Facebook Community just for members

Weekly Audio Motivating Messages

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Get monthly mindset shifts and resources from a licensed clinical and school psychologist.


Over the past decade, I’ve built a YouTube Channel witha community of over 1 Million subscribers as I upgraded my health, mindset, became a licensed psychologist and tenured professor.

You need a membership that teaches you how to conquer your life with actionable tips backed by science. I got you.

I’m here to guide you as a:

(Yes, I got receipts!)

Exclusive Courses Waiting on You Inside the Membership

The Sky is NOT Your Limit

A $997 Value

Get 10 Solid Steps backed by research-based methods to transform your life NOW! Learn how to conquer your goals AND maintain the results.

Selfish or Self-Care: the Art of Sincere Self Love

A $997 Value
In this transformational course, I will take you on a journey to help you understand what self-care is and what it isn’t. You will learn how self-care can lead to self-love.

The FAIL Method: Fall and Immediately Learn

A $997 Value
In this course, you will learn how to stop focusing on failure and start focusing more on how you can learn and grow from it. You will learn methods on how to use failure to your advantage. Yes, you heard me right! Use it for YOUR advantage!

10 Ways to Get Your Life Together

A $997 Value
This course is crafted for people who are seriously ready to change their lives (positive mindset, health goals, career success, starting and finishing daily and life goals, etc.) through a journey of live recorded courses and assignments to support your goal setting, accomplishments, and more!

Supports for Anxiety and Depression

A $1,497 Value

I will guide you through what depression and anxiety are and are not, how you might identify some of the symptoms, seek treatment, and also de-stigmatize talking about the difficulties we encounter and possibly seeking help from a mental health professional.

Supports for Grief and the Start to the Journey of Healing

A $997 Value
This course is designed to teach the concept of grief, different ways it affects us and how to move towards healing.

...Plus access to new courses as they are launched!

Hear what our members have to say!

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Design/Graphic Artist, Michigan

“I joined Dr. Nina’s membership at a time in my life where it felt like a personal rain cloud followed me. Dr. Nina identified things I could not express. This membership has been my favorite investment in my mental upgrade!”

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Renita Cox D.D.S.

Dentist, Texas

“I was shocked at how much time Dr. Nina spent with us in the membership’s office hours and webinars! She is engaged with all of the members. She truly cares and she’s such a wonderful listener.”

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Kimberly Reynolds M.D.

Pediatrician and Professor, Florida

“Dr. Nina has helped me tremendously. Her mentorship and guidance helped me to have the clarity and courage to resign from my previous job that was no longer serving me, land a new career in a new location with a raise and promotion, all while growing my business. The biggest thing she teaches me is to know what I want and to go after it unapologetically.”

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Human Resources Professional, Georgia

“Since joining the membership, I have not been disappointed. It is above and beyond anything I have imagined. You can tell Dr. Nina poured her heart and soul into the membership courses and office hours. None of the memberships that I’ve joined before compare to what Dr. Nina has created for us!”

More Success Stories!

More Success Stories!


No! There is no contract to join the membership and you may cancel at any time. Keep in mind that we cannot issue partial-refunds. Your membership will run until the end of the month.
Your membership runs month to month from whatever date you joined (i.e. June 1 to July 1) unless you join the yearly (which runs year to year), so cancel anytime before the next payment is due to come out of your account (check the date on your first email when you joined). You will still have access to the Hub and membership items until then. We cannot issue partial-refunds.
While I am a licensed psychologist in specific jurisdictions, there will not be therapy sessions in the membership. I will however use my expertise to help members gain understanding of techniques, learn more about treatment and provide real world, research-based tools to help them advance in their lives.
Monthly webinars and office hours will be in a group setting. While there won’t be individual sessions, members will be able to submit questions, engage during live events, and interact with Dr. Nina. In the future, there will be an opportunity for limited 1 on 1 coaching with Dr. Nina.
Good thing for you I am a tenured professor and value instruction! Inside the membership is an on-boarding video and orientation which gives you information on where to start, how to navigate and suggested starting points. This section is in the “Welcome” portal.
Once you sign up as a new member, you will be sent an e-mail that helps you sign in. This will also give you information on all courses and resources inside. Once inside, you will be able to explore and enter the welcome portal to learn about navigation of the membership as well as all course materials. You will also get information on upcoming monthly webinar dates and links, weekly audio messages and more!

Choose Your Plan Below.



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or $327/Year

* 1-on-1 coaching is not included in this membership level.



Per Month

or $997/Year

*1-on-1 coaching is not included in this membership level.



For 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching with Dr. Nina PLUS 3 months access to the membership!

While I want this mentorship membership, its courses, webinars, and additional content to be helpful and a great resource to you, it is not meant to be a substitution for a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. My monthly membership is NOT therapy. This information is here for general purposes. It is your responsibility to evaluate the text, content, opinions, statements, suggestions, strategies, tactics, and other information available through Dr. Nina’s (BeautifulBrwnBabyDol) website, communities, education, and educational events. The use of such information is voluntary, and reliance on it should only be undertaken after an independent review by qualified experts (with consideration of your individual or organizational situation and needs). By enrolling in this membership you agree that under no circumstances will Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey be liable for any damage caused by reliance upon information obtained through this course, and membership portal, Facebook communities, or webinars. Any reliance upon any information is at your own risk.

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