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A New You
Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

A New You

Ever notice how much we focus on our outer appearance? 

We are always searching for the best ways to make our outer selves stand out, shine, and glimmer while the inside of us is more like rust, tarnished and even cloudy.  We never seem to forget to shop for new clothing, shoes, and jewelry but neglect to shop for new and improved ideas, ways to better ourselves while learning the best methods to achieve our goals.

I challenge you to a 6-month challenge of taking the proper steps to creating a new you.

I want you to learn how to rid yourself of unnecessary habits, limited spirituality, build a closer relationship with yourself and simply beautify from within.  These are all things we can do to change, slowly and surely.  No face wash, make-up, perfume, new outfit or shoes can help to reach these new levels.  This takes research of your past and also your present.  Order your steps wisely in life while learning from the obstacles you encounter along the way.  Know that ultimately, you must learn to become your own best friend, motivator, and confidant.

Appreciate YOU first while everything else falls into place. 

Often dressing up your insides makes it much easier for people to see your true beauty on the outside.

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