What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger?

Simply put, yes.

Daily, we encounter stressors and decisions that seem to make the day naturally longer and harder.  However, it is those days that we overcome difficult trials and tribulations that we value the most.

Without these tough times we would never know just how much we are able to bare and make it through. It is these times that put a stop to our under-estimation of our goals and our many abilities.  When we encounter a tough time, it requires that we stand up, take a look at what is out of place, focus on our strengths and weaknesses and improve on them as needed.  If you are never tested in life then you will never know what you need in order to strengthen your skills in various areas.

When we are tested, we learn how to feel good about our accomplishments and aim higher in newer goals and endeavors.  So the next time you are in a tough situation and don’t understand why you have to get through it.  Look at it as something that MUST be done.  Something that will only help you become the best you are able to be.

Remember, a piece of coal under pressure eventually turns into a diamond.  So don’t let your hardships kill your spirit, only allow them to further enhance your growth, strength, and SHINE.

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