Stop Hoping for the Best

As you read the title, you may become quite confused on how this could be motivating….Well, it is just that. 

We are so complacent with hoping for the best in our lives that we forget to MAKE the best happen.

Hoping is not the way to achieve what it is we want.  It is a process.

We must review exactly what our difficulty is and desire to want to change whatever is prohibiting us from achieving our goals. We must then intervene on the problem and develop a plan for our next steps to success.  We should also ensure that we check ourselves daily to assure that we are following through with the changes that we have decided to carry out.

Finally, we should stop hoping and ultimately do what we said we would.  This process will work for every endeavor that you have, whether big or small.  Start with small goals whether it’s gaining a better understanding of a friend, increasing a grade or score, building a stronger relationship with your friends or family members or even strengthening your relationship with God.

Just wishing and hoping for a change will not get the job done. MAKE the best happen!!!

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